Practice Safe Swimming

To prevent swimmer’s ear: Keep ears dry. Encourage your child to wear earplugs while swimming

For many families, splashing in the backyard or community pool or heading to the nearest beach to cool off in the water is a major part of summer fun. Before you get your pool passes for the season, find out about how to protect your children’s ears when they start enjoying time in the water. Swim ear plugs are often the best solution, but how do you know if your child needs them and what types are the best?

Many doctors recommend swim ear plugs for children that have ear tubes

Ear tubes are small cylinders that have been placed through the eardrum in the case of recurring middle ear infections in order to allow fluid to drain.

Doctors Recommendation

Other doctors recommend regular use of swim ear plugs only when diving or swimming in untreated water, such as lakes, rivers and oceans.

Ear plugs for children

Swimmer’s ear can be extremely painful forchildren. Ear plugs can be an excellent remedy to avoid this condition.

AquaNots prevent moisture from entering the ear canal. They are optimal for swimming, water-sports, and showering to prevent infection. AquaNots float and feature added finger grips for easy removal.

Note: Aquanots are not intended for use with Scuba Diving or other prolonged underwater use.