The first thing you can expect is a pleasant experience everytime you visit us!

What you can Expect from your FREE Hearing test:

We use the latest state-of-the-art computer programming for accurate testing. CLICK HERE TO SEE

1. Continual Support: We don’t just fit you with a great hearing aid and say goodbye; Included in every purchase is FREE support for the life of your hearing aids with cleaning and follow up exams.

2. Our Professional Licensed Staff will complete your Hearing Profile and help you with your hearing difficulties and communication issues that you may be having.

3. Then we will perform an exam of your ears in our exam room.

4. A comfortable hearing evaluation, including pure tone testing, bone conduction/inner ear tests, speech understanding and other specialized tests will be performed as needed.

5. We will discuss the test results and explain the degree and nature of your potential hearing loss. If you have a loss, hearing aid options will be discussed to suit your budget and lifestyle. *Test to determine if you could be helped by a hearing aid

Some of the features you can enjoy:

Less background noise in noisy places like restaurants and public parks; And the Phonak V series will automatically hone in on the person’s voice that you are facing to isolate them from other unwanted noises. You will definitely hear conversations with clarity!

The use of Blue-Tooth technology to direct your phone calls, music, and T.V. volumes directly into your hearing aid for sharper/clearer sound.

Not “your father’s” hearing aid! No bulky device, no feedback/squealing, more durable… Custom wireless programming to fit your individual hearing and life-style needs and much more…

We back our hearing aids with a 45-day full refund guarantee

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