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COVID-19 Safety and Hearing Aids

COVID-19 Safety and Hearing Aids

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At Crystal Clear Hearing Aids, we strive to maintain CDC safety standards. Besides wearing masks and sanitizing our entire office, we also sanitize all hearing aids before we place them on patients as we have since we opened our office in 2016. We also use a HEPA air filter system in our front lobby to keep the air as clean as possible. And we have added extra time between office appointments so patients don’t have to wait around with other people near them.

In addition to all our regular state-regulated cleansing efforts, we will permanently keep our offices and our staff extra clean and safe. Our staff (David and Sheri Longeuay) also personally practices social distancing and mask wearing in public to keep ourselves COVID-19 free. We will not come to work with any symptoms of illness. This is where having two licensed hearing health care providers helps us avoid any illness symptoms with patients.

It’s our goal to make sure everyone who enters our offices not only has a great hearing experience, but also feels safe and clean at all times. We follow state-mandatory regulations and ask all incoming person’s to wear a mask. We are an essential business and the state of California has deemed us necessary to stay open for our regular hours during the pandemic.

It is our hope the coronavirus subsides significantly. If it doesn’t, we are prepared. We are on the watch to see what happens and our goal is to stay safe ourselves so we can maintain safety for all our patients and business partners in the hearing aid industry.

Please feel free to email us with your comments or questions or if you have any concerns or suggestions as to how we handle our offices during this challenging time.

Since the COVID virus is still persisting and there is news of a new strain, we are striving all the more to continue all safety measures to ensure your good health and safety. We wipe down our door handles and places where patients sit (especially chair arms and handles).

We also try to space our appointments apart so we don’t have multiple patients waiting at the same time. Whenever possible, we try to keep as much isolation as possible to reduce any risk of the COVID-19 virus.

Sheri and Dave also practice social distancing and mask wearing when they are in public areas, so they minimize their own risk of catching the Corona Virus. So far, neither of them, nor any of their immediate family members have come down with COVID. And we plan to keep it that way.

We are an essential business and we take a lot of care to hold up to a reputation that remains accountable to the CDC and state standards in our offices and in our personal lifestyles.

Thank you for trusting our policies and for adhering to our safety standards while in our offices, both in Placentia, Ca. and Lake Arrowhead, Ca.