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Accessories Zoomed

Accessories Zoomed

Accessories are not for everyone since modern hearing aids really do a great job of helping people hear better in noise, on the T.V., phone conversations and even large facilities, like churches and museums.

Since most patients don’t need accessories, in which situations would a person need an accessory?

One area would be a noisy wedding reception, where even normal hearing person’s would have problems understanding speech from those around them. In cases like this, there are hearing aid accessories that can boost sound from guests at a table, or a person speaking from the stage and even a loved-one who’s roaming the party and wants to communicate with the patient wearing the hearing aids.

Another situation would be a hearing aid wearer who loves museums and tours, but are only wearing an entry level hearing aid that’s not designed for super clear hearing in excessive noisy areas.

In most cases, people who are in excessive noise, usually purchase more premium hearing aids, which cost much more, but they do perform really good in hard-to-hear environments.

At Crystal Clear Hearing Aids, we usually don’t recommend a purchase of hearing aid accessories until they try their new hearing aids in the above mentioned places. Most of the time, they hear great and don’t end up purchasing accessories. But in the rare cases where they are needed the ‘extra sound boosting accessories’ do come in handy.